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>FREE< Tales from Both Sides of the Brain : A Life in Neuroscience download PDF
>FREE< Tales from Both Sides of the Brain : A Life in Neuroscience download PDF

Michael S Gazzaniga,: Tales from Both Sides of the Brain : A Life in Neuroscience

Tales from Both Sides of the Brain : A Life in Neuroscience


With a Foreword by Steven PinkerIn Tales from Both Sides of the Brain, Michael S. Gazzaniga tells the story of his passionate, entrepreneurial life in science and his decades-long journey to understand how the separate spheres of our brains communicate and miscommunicate their separate agendas. From his time as an ambitious undergraduate at Dartmouth, as a member of its now famed Animal House fraternity, and his life as a diligent graduate student in California to the first experiments he conducted in his own lab; from meeting his first split-brain patients and his collaboration with esteemed intellectuals across disciplines, Gazzaniga recounts the trajectory of his discoveries. In his engaging and accessible style, he paints a vivid portrait not only of his discovery of split-brain theory, but also of his comrades-in-arms the many patients, friends, and family members who have accompanied him on this wild ride of intellectual discovery. The idea that one skull can house two minds, each with a measure of autonomy, has also given way to the idea that we all have multiple minds operating as a confederation, according to Gazzaniga. How this system creates a seemingly unified mind . . . remains a compelling question. New York Times Book Review Tales will be cataloged as scientific autobiography. . . . But it is as much a book about gratitude for the chance to study a subject as endlessly fascinating as the brain, for the author s brilliant colleagues and . . . for the patients who taught him . . . so much. Wall Street Journal The personal story of a genius famous for one of the rare major discoveries ever made out in the still vast, still baffling terra incognita of the human brain, namely, the split-brain phenomenon. Tom Wolfe, author of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and The Right Stuff"

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Author: Michael S Gazzaniga,
Number of Pages: 448 pages
Published Date: 26 Jan 2016
Publisher: Ecco Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780062228857
Download Link: Click Here


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