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The Sealed Letter pdf
The Sealed Letter pdf

Emma Donoghue,: The Sealed Letter

The Sealed Letter


From the bestselling author of "Room" comes a delicious tale of secrets, betrayal and forbidden love. After a separation of many years, Emily 'Fido' Faithfull bumps into her old friend Helen Codrington on the streets of Victorian London. Much has changed: Helen is more and more unhappy in her marriage to the older Vice-Admiral Codrington, while Fido has become a successful woman of business and a pioneer in the British Women's Movement. But, for all her independence of mind, Fido is too trusting of her once-dear companion and finds herself drawn into aiding Helen's obsessive affair with a young army officer. Then, when the Vice-Admiral seizes the children and sues for divorce, the women's friendship unravels amid accusations of adultery and counter-accusations of cruelty and attempted rape, as well as a mysterious 'sealed letter' that could destroy more than one life...

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Author: Emma Donoghue,
Number of Pages: 416 pages
Published Date: 02 Feb 2012
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781447212591
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